Cigar Roller Puerto Rico

Cigar Roller Service in Puerto Rico

We have a variety of experienced Cigar Rollers that will make your cigars just right in your event with fresh PuertoRican tobacco leafs of the highest quality standards.  

Our Cigar Roller Service includes:

● Cigar Roller Man 
● (50)pcs or (75)pcs Handmade Cigars
● Cigar Roller’s Workbench
● (2) Hours of Service
● (Corona) Handmade Cigars 


  • (50) Cigars: $495.00 
  • (75) Cigars: $595.00 

Prices for San Juan Area 

Island Add: 💵 $100.00 (Traveling Purposes) 


Custom Cigar Ring Logo 

Add your own Cigar Ring logo for  💵$75.00 

Cigar Roller Service

For more information and prices: (787)356-5429

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